Porches and Patios: Optimize No Matter What Size

Spring has sprung, and the time to prepare your outdoor space has come. Whether you own a small porch, balcony, or a full-size patio, now is the time to get it ready for warmer weather and welcoming guests.

Beautify a Balcony
A balcony can be transformed into a cozy oasis with little work, and little expense. Get the ground in shape for bare feet by covering it with outdoor carpeting or rattan mats. For low-cost comfort, choose a chair or lounger with weather resistant cushions and add a small table for placing books or drinks. For year-round greenery, buy a large synthetic tropical plant and use planters to add seasonal colour. Top it all off with an interesting bird feeder, a small water fountain, or some wind chimes for interest and relaxation.

Personalize Porches
If front porches could speak, they should say "welcome”. Choose simple furniture that is inviting and relaxing such as rocking chairs or compact swing gliders. Put one or two large planters or urns near the entrance to your
porch or home to greet visitors and use them to make a statement with seasonal arrangements that reflect your
personal style. Add colour with bright containers of flowers until spring colours emerge from the garden view.
Complete your work of art with the one thing every porch needs… a welcome mat!

Perk Up Patios
Patios are a place to escape from the bustle and activity of the home. To help you get a little closer to nature, consider adding an arbor over your patio. Attach climbing plants or vines around your arbor and scatter container plants of seasonal colour to soften your hardscape. Stepping stones angled away from your patio adds dimension, even in the smallest of areas. Add a birdbath or water fountain for tranquility and your patio haven becomes the ideal spot for relaxing solo or a serene backdrop for entertaining. 

To spring ahead, think ahead. Start sprucing up your outdoors now and you’ll extend your enjoyment right through to the warm, sunny days of summer.

Source: RLP Network