Awnings Can Save Money

Experts agree that placing awnings strategically over household windows and doors can result in a significant reduction in residential air conditioning costs, as well as provide protection of frames from damaging wind, precipitation and ultraviolet light.

Awnings can reduce a home’s internal temperature by 8° to 15° (5°C – 8°C). Solar radiation through glass is responsible for approximately 20% of the load on a residential air conditioner. On a hot day, more energy is lost through one square foot of glass than through an entire insulated wall. A fabric awning reduced heat gain by 55% to 65% during the period of the day when the sun shines directly on southern facing windows, and 72% to 77% for western exposures.

  • Study by the American Society of
    Heating, Refrigeration and Air
    Conditioning Engineers

There are several effective awning materials to choose from, including metal, vinyl and fabric. Lighter mesh types are also becoming popular, as they provide optimum ventilation and visibility.

Awnings are available with various installation options, including manual and motorized retractable units, as well as fixed and removable laminated panels. The impressive designs and attractive styles that are now available have increased the usefulness and popularity of awnings.

Source: Preferred Client Update, Dave Roach